Google Maps user spots ‘one of the gates of hell’ in eerie post

A Google Maps user uploaded a picture of "one of the gates of hell".

They posted an image on Reddit of Chinoike Jigoku, a blood red steaming thermal pool in Oita, Japan, which the Buddhists used to think was the gateway to hell due to its intense colour.

The pool's original uses were said to be just as hellish as its dark, red, boiling mud. Chinoike Jigoku was used to torture people and then boil them to death with the temperature rising to a skin-melting 78C.

Today it is one of the largest tourist attractions in the area with visitors able to purchase small skin products made with the mud from the pool.

The picture was met with a string of comments on Google Maps.

One person said: "For anyone curious, the name (Chinoike Jigoku) literally translates as "blood pool hell".

Another wrote: "I've been here! It's more impressive than it looks in this image." A third added: "It's more forbidden than you think: That's a 90° sulfuric hot pool."

Other jokes that the pool looks like "tomato soup".

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Google Maps user are often discovering strange strange happenings on the site.

One noticed a "clandestine air strip" in the Guatemalan jungle and suggested they were landing strips for "Narco trafficking".

The fascinating post appears to stand up to some probing with "abandoned aircraft" visible and air strips that appear to have been blown up, perhaps by Government aircraft.

Another user thought they had found a UFO only to discover that it was actually bird poo.

His dreams of capturing alien life were shattered as he was quickly told: “I think you found bird s**t on the camera.”

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