‘Gorilla Glue girl’ Tessica Brown donating $20K from GoFundMe to charity

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She’s sticking by others.

Gorilla Glue girl Tessica Brown is donating more than $20,000 that was raised for her online to a charity started by the plastic surgeon who finally freed her locks, according to a report.

The 40-year-old Louisiana woman — whose hair had been stuck solid for a month after she used the superglue as a hairspray substitute — raised almost $24,000 on GoFundMe after her plight took hold.

Now her superglue ordeal is over, Brown is donating most of the cash raised through more than 1,400 donations to a charity started by Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. Michael Obeng, who treated her for free, TMZ said.

She plans to keep around $1,000 to cover her bills from an unsuccessful emergency room visit — as well as some for her flight to California — then donating the rest to Restore, Obeng’s foundation that helps get reconstructive surgery for people in need overseas, TMZ said.

Brown reportedly wants to pay it forward so others get much-needed surgery that they otherwise could not afford.

She also no longer needs the cash — and has made a small fortune selling merchandise linked to her ordeal with the extra-strong glue, TMZ said.

Brown went viral when she revealed on TikTok how her hair had been stuck solid for a month after she used the extra-strong superglue after running out of her usual hair product.

“Bad, bad, bad idea,” she said in the original clip, seen more than 35 million times by Sunday.

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