Government must protect the Press and kill off totalitarian-style proposals that could see journalists jailed

Protect Press

IMAGINE the grotesque irony of a Government run by an ex-journalist sending reporters to jail like spies for uncovering scandals in the public interest.

Luckily, it’s not lost on Boris Johnson.

We appreciate his defence of our trade yesterday.

As well as his pledge that the sinister proposed changes to the Official Secrets Act will not “for one minute” prevent us exposing scandals such as our Matt Hancock exclusive.

Firstly, though, what about protecting too the whistleblowers who divulge secrets the public should know . . . such as the deaths from neglect at Stafford Hospital or the MPs’ expenses outrage?

Secondly, whatever the PM pledged yesterday, the Home Office consultation on updating the Act DOES currently carry the threat of a long jail term for an investigative journalist or their source.

If Boris has got their backs, the ­Government must kill these totalitarian-style proposals and start again.

This time with a public interest defence set in stone.

Boom Britain

AFTER 18 months of Covid hell comes a tsunami of great news for the economy.

Britain’s bounce-back will be world-beating, the IMF says. It forecasts a staggering seven per cent growth this year and 4.8 per cent more in 2022.

Meanwhile the hit to jobs looks far smaller than predicted. The furlough, vastly expensive though it was, saved an army of workers from the dole.

There are vacancies galore. And ending free movement has enabled workers to negotiate better pay. Remember how Remainers claimed immigration never suppressed working-class wages? Leavers knew first-hand that was nonsense.

Even the heartbreaking catastrophe of Covid has an economic upside — with a boom for UK holidays potentially creating hundreds of thousands of jobs.

With our Brexit independence and free from EU red tape we can enjoy a golden decade. But it is precisely the wrong moment to consider higher taxes, destroying jobs and investment.

Kill that idea off too, Boris.

Party poopers

AS our freedoms slowly return, Labour opposes them at every turn.

It’s “reckless”, whines Angela Rayner, tediously parroting her party’s agreed attack line, to end quarantine for double-jabbed arrivals from the US and EU.

Freedom Day was “reckless” too, despite most of us having full vaccine protection.

What price will Labour pay if its gratuitous scaremongering proves groundless? None. They’ll move on without reflection or apology.

So let’s not forget where they stood on ending the ruinous misery of Covid curbs, supporting travel jobs or reuniting our expats at last with their families.

They opposed the lot.

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