Gracie to Tel Aviv? Eric Adams says he wants retirement home in Israel

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Eric Adams wants to spend his final days in the Promised Land!

The leading mayoral candidate says he loves Israel so much that he wants to buy a plot of land and retire in the Jewish State.

A Jewish weekly publication, Mishpacha, asked the Brooklyn borough president if he would be an advocate for Israel as have other mayors.

“I’ve visited Israel twice, I am going back again, and I am going to try to find a plot of land so it can be my retirement place. I love the people of Israel, the food, the culture, the dance, everything about Israel,” said Adams, who is vying with Andrew Yang and Kathryn Garcia in a tight three-way race where the Jewish vote could be a factor.

Asked what part of Israel he would choose, Adams said with a laugh, “In the Golan Heights.”

Israel captured the mountainous area from Syria during the 1967 Six-Day War and it remains part of the Jewish state.

One Jewish source likened Adams’ comments to “Making Aliyah” — when people from the Jewish diaspora move to Israel.

Adams is Christian.

Asked about his comments, Adams said he was joking about moving to the Golan Heights. He stood by the rest of his statement.

On other matters, Adams said he would take a hands-off approach to regulating the controversial circumcision procedure, Metzitzah b’peh, and would not have the NYPD padlock yeshivas accused of flouting state standards for providing a secular education.

Adams also said he would “accept” an endorsement from embattled Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo faces multiple investigations over his actions during the coronavirus pandemic as well as accusations of sexual harassment from from female staffers. He has denied wrongdoing.

“I am clear — I want the support of every New Yorker, and that includes the governor,” Adams said.

Polling shows Cuomo remains popular among registered city Democrats despite his troubles.

Adams was also asked why some Jewish leaders are backing Andrew Yang for mayor.

He called Yang a “shiny new toy” while likening himself to a “Microsoft investment.”

“The second you see that the shiny new toy is no longer so shiny, and Eric’s message is getting out, don’t allow someone else to take your investment away. I am your Microsoft,” he said.

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