Gran forced to sit on deck chair after £3k House of Fraser sofa went undelivered

A great grandmother with spinal problems has been forced to sit on a deck chair after being told a £3,000 sofa she saved hard for won’t be delivered by House of Fraser.

Devastated Sue Hornbuckle, 72, sold her last sofa to pay for the luxury item.

And she won’t be getting her money back either after the company went into administration.

The retired Co-op supermarket worker said the traumatic ordeal has left her shaken, in floods of tears, and plummeting into debt as she tries to find a replacement, Nottinghamshire Live reports.

Mrs Hornbuckle, from Beechdale, said: "My spine is crumbling into the bottom of my back and I have terrible back problems.

"I thought the sofa I picked was really comfortable. It was just what I wanted.

"I have been saving months and months for it. I was just putting away bits from my pension – every Sunday night whatever I had left in my purse I would put it to one side so I had the money. I had saved so hard for it."

Mrs Hornbuckle, who has three children, seven grandchildren and three great grandchildren, chose the luxury Tetrad Harris sofa and chair from House of Fraser because it was comfortable and helped ease her severe back pain.

She was expecting it to arrive on her 72nd birthday but was told on August 29 the company could not honour the purchase and she would have to contact her bank.

She paid for the £3,107 item with a debit card on July 13 – but rang up the company as soon as she heard the business had fallen into administration.

Parts of the business were later purchased by Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct in a £90m deal.

She claims that despite numerous calls to the company – and reassurance that it would arrive – she has now been left with no sofa and no refund.

"I paid my daughter and my daughter paid for it on her debit card – that was the first mistake" she said.

"I had another sofa but I could not sit on it as it was hurting my back so sold it for £850 and put that towards it. I have not got a lot of money and now I have got nothing left.

"Yesterday they said ‘it is not being delivered and you are not having it’ but I have paid for my furniture.

"I have been shaking. I have now had to go on finance to get some furniture and am overdrawn.

"I am sitting on a wooden deck chair because I do not have anything. Most of time I’m having to just lie on my bed.

"I am devastated. Last night I went to bed and I could not sleep. I don’t know what to do. I’m a nervous wreck because I do not know if I am going to get my money back."

She claims the sofa was brought before the takeover and therefore it is deemed as a debt that won’t be paid out.

"I am not a debter. I am a customer," she added.

"They have said ‘go to your bank, try and get the money back and then come back in and book another sofa with us’."

Her full-time carer Jonathan Truman, 62, said: "They have given her the run-around. She wants her money back or she wants her sofa.

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"She was sat here in tears and shaking last night. She does not think she will get her money back."

A House of Fraser spokeswoman said: "If it is furniture and it has been paid in full before August 10 on credit card customers should contact their card issuers and make a claim under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

"Customers who have paid in cash or debit card or any other method unfortunately will not be able to get a full refund and will have to contact administrator Ernst Young."

A spokeswoman for Ernst Young added: "As the sofa relates to the stock and assets which were purchased by Sports Direct, the customer may wish to contact the purchaser directly in relation to the sofa.

"Certain merchant service providers (for example, credit card companies) may offer refunds where goods have not been received by customers in some circumstances.

"Should this apply, the customer may wish to contact her merchant service provider. We do note however that there are different rules between debit cards and credit cards.

"If the customer is unable to collect the goods that she has purchased, or obtain a refund from a card provider she will be a creditor.

"Unfortunately all amounts that the company owes to creditors at the date of the administration (August 10, 2018) are unsecured claims.

"At this stage it is too early to estimate the amount of any distribution to unsecured creditors."

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