Grand Forks announces new campaign, buyout option, for flood victims

There may be some hope for Grand Forks, B.C., residents who were left high and dry by flood recovery funding.

In May 2018, scores of homes and businesses were damaged by flooding when the Granby and Kettle rivers spilled their banks during the spring thaw.

Later that year, the city announced that it was going to purchase homes in the flood-prone areas. In turn, that was followed by an announcement earlier this year of $50 million in provincial and federal flood-mitigation funding.

However, many residents were shocked and upset that their properties were assessed at post-flood values, not pre-flood.

In July, the mayor of Grand Forks, Brian Taylor, told Global News the buyouts were a “serious issue. Highly emotional.”

This week, the city announced it has launched a new campaign with multiple goals, including a new buyout option.

“We’re excited about this project,” Taylor said in a press release.

“We believe it sets the stage for a strong, united effort to move Grand Forks from flood recovery through to community healing and pride.”

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