Grandfather of girl, 13, slain in Delphi 'Snapchat murder' warns killer & fears case won't be solved in his lifetime

THE grandfather of a 13-year-old girl slain in the Delphi 'Snapchat murders' has warned her killer "you'll meet your maker."

Eric Erskin told The Sun: "We have faith in the law enforcement department. We have to trust that these people in authority make the right decisions."

His granddaughter Abby Williams and her best friend Libby German were found dead in February 2017 after being dropped off on a hiking trail near their hometown of Delphi, Indiana.

The killer has never been found and police have never disclosed how the girls died.


Within days of the killings, investigators released two grainy photos of a suspect walking on the abandoned railroad bridge the girls had visited.

They also released an audio recording of a man believed to be the suspect saying “down the hill.”

Eric told The Sun that after the girls' death "the phrase 'gods' got this' was used."

He added: "I absolutely believe it will be solved. I'm a believer."

Eric added: "I might not see the judgement in my lifetime and the penalty completed.

"But there is a judgement at the end.

"And the person responsible will meet their maker."


Police announced at the end of last month that they were moving to a new center to investigate the case.

Probed on the police response Eric said: "The police share very little information regarding the case and its details and as family members we do find that frustrating.

"But we also understand that it has to be that way to maintain the integrity of the case."

"It's been a while since they released any information."

Eric said the new police HQ location was "reassuring."

He added: "As a grandparent I find that comforting that they are still working on the case.

"If they had given up they would not need the work space."

In May police linked alleged kidnapper James Chadwell II to the case.

Police in Delphi, Indiana, said they were looking into Chadwell as being somehow related. They have provided no updates since.

The Sun has contacted police for comment.


Eric believes "the girls are in a better place" but did acknowledge "there is always that sunken feeling."

He added: "The unknown will eat you up, the anger, frustration.

"It can consume you. I get that and I think every family member gets that.

"Trust me, not everyday is rosy and cheerful. February 13 is very very difficult."

Law enforcement was able to use footage from the girls cell phones as evidence in the case.

The teens went on a hike along the Monon High Bridge Trail on February 13, 2017, and their bodies were found in the woods the following the day.

Authorities have since released two sketches of the suspected killer, including one in April 2019 based on video from German’s cellphone that’s believed to be more accurate than a sketch released in July 2017.

Police also released video in April 2019 which shows the man suspected of killing the teens walking on the abandoned railroad bridge the girls had visited.


Abby and Libby's families have since joined forces to open a memorial park in their honor.

Eric said: "We speak with Libby's family multiple times a day, we support one another.

"I cannot do anything regarding the criminal case, I cannot control that.

"But we can contribute to something positive and something good.

"The park is a way for us to take our energy and throw it into a positive realm."

"It has been a four year labor of love and the way people all over the world have helped has blown my mind."


State Police Superintendent Doug Carter addressed the suspect directly during one briefing.

“We believe you are hiding in plain sight. For more than two years, you never thought we would shift gears to a different investigative strategy, but we have,” he said.

Carter also taunted the suspect, calling him “a coward” and saying authorities have likely already interviewed him or someone close to him.

He also suggested that the man’s friends or family might suspect that he killed the girls “because of how different you are since the murders.”

“The question to you: What will those closest to you think of when they find out that you brutally murdered two little girls? Two children. Only a coward would do such a thing,” Carter said.


Eric added: "Somebody in the Delphi area, did they see something that seemed amiss. The tip line is still very much open and still active.

"Our case is not solved, we are just a normal family, we are not prepared to deal with this. I did not prepare for the murder of my grandchild. 

"I did not have a warning.

"And because we were caught off guard, it was all a blur. 

"My life has been turned upside down."

Anyone with any information is asked to call the investigation tip-line at 844-459-5786 or email to [email protected]

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