Great white shark swims at oblivious paddleboarder as fisherman screams warning

A hulking 10ft great white shark swam directly towards a paddleboarder in a hair-raising video.

In the clip, filmed in Australia by fisherman Laurie Debono, the giant shark is gliding effortlessly beneath the surface of the waves off Shoal Bay in New South Wales.

The supersized shark gets within inches of Laurie's boat and he is clearly awestruck as it passes by him.

"Woah, that is magnificent," he says as he films the beast up close when it darts through the shallows.

He is so close he is able to film its eyes and gills and the seafloor is just a few meters below.

The fisherman then notices the shark making a beeline for the paddleboarder and shouts out a warning, just in case.

"Watch out mate, there's a big great white just here," he screams.

Laurie later told Daily Mail Australia about his encounter with the great white shark and said he didn't feel "threatened" but still thought it was sensible to alert the paddleboarder.

"I could easily speak to the paddleboard rider and advised him that there was a decent size shark there," he said.

"At first he thought I was kidding… then I advised him to swim back to shore… there were also bathers behind me as well.

"I then spoke to these guys and told them to stay out of the water as they were on the rock area up to their waist."

He emphasised that he doesn't believe in culling sharks and said the ocean was "their environment, not ours".

This comes after excited tourists watched great white sharks up to 18ft long tear the flesh from a dead whale that had floated to the surface of the ocean.

The feeding frenzy was shared to Facebook by whale watching company Captain John Boats, based in Massachusetts, US.

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