‘Gremlin’ dog with ‘scared bulging eyes’ tortured with legs tied behind his back

A dog "looked like a scared gremlin" with eyes "bulging" out of his skull following years of horrendous torture.

Rescuers were moved to tears by the starved and scarred Jack whose owner cruelly tied his legs behind his back until he could no longer walk.

Niki Roe, who has given little Jack a new lease of life with her six other dogs, says he managed to survive the worst case of animal abuse she had seen in 20 years.

A stomach-churning snap of Jack's condition when found shows he was little more than skin and bone – many of which had been broken and fractured.

But his new owner could barely look beyond his terrified facial expression.

Niki told the Daily Star: "I guess I think he looked like a scared gremlin. The first thing I saw was his bulging scared eyes I don’t think I saw his frail little body until a moment or two later.

"The first picture of Jack is when he was first found, after being severely abused. He was kept with his legs tied behind his back and was starved to close death.

"Bless his frail little body that carries many wounds and scars of his horrible tortures. He had so many fractures and broken bones that he will never walk again properly."

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When adopting Jack, Niki who lives in Berkshire near Henley-on-Thames, was no stranger to dogs who demand additional care as two of hers are also disabled.

Since being saved from his previous leg-breaking and soul-crushing home, Jack has transformed into a happy lad thrilled with his set of wheels which allow his to get about.

Niki said: "He arrived with me in Foster Care through the charity I work with ‘Friends Of Animals Wales’. I think he was the worst case of abuse and I have seen in my 20 years of working with Dogs. He has brought tears to the eyes of many that have met and helped him.

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"He has had surgeries on his front legs so he is able to move himself now. We have got him wheels and a buggy that he loves. His buggy is his little bubble that he watches the world from safely.

"He’s a timid shy little boy because of his awful start in life but with us he is so very happy. We just absolutely love him. He is a sweet loving boy who just wants to be loved. Every one that meets him loves him."

Despite several operations at the vets, Jack will never fully bounce back to freely run around fields and jump onto the sofa, but even making it this far makes him an inspiration for Niki.

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"He carries obvious physical disabilities that will remain for his life. But I truly believe he knows that we ( lots of people, Vets, Physios and hydrotherapists) saved him. He seems so grateful for his life with us now.

"Life isn’t straight forward as he faces many physical challenges, we have made adaptions to our home for him and our lives too. He really is such a very special boy, he so deserves this second chance in life.

"I live for my dogs. I love them all dearly. Jack is special because of all he has been and goes through. An absolute survivor and super dog in my eyes. He’s my inspiration. A right little fighter."

Jack has been nominated for the Naturo SuperDog Awards in the Survivor category. To back the little lad and Niki's efforts, click here to cast your vote.

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