Guilty bloke flies ‘sorry’ banner over UK town after ‘leaving toilet seat up’

Someone with a guilty conscious has made a grand gesture in a bid to win back someone they love.

A plane flying a banner that reads "I love you Danielle, sorry" was spotted flying across over Findern, near Derby, yesterday (Saturday, June 12).

Derbyshire Live shared the image on their Facebook page, asking their readers what they suspect the pilot was guilty of.

While we will likely never know the reason for the banner, it didn’t stop the public from theorising.

The most common suggestion was cheating, but there were also some hilarious and creative suggestions.

One person guessed: “Forgot to put pots in dishwasher”.

Another joked: “Burnt the dinner”.

“Toilet seat up… again” a third guessed.

One person put forward: “Plot twist: Danielle was mad at this guy for wasting all his money on skywriting."

Other suggestions included:

  • He pegged the washing out wrong
  • Probably forgot to put petrol in her car
  • He forgot to turn off the landing light
  • He forgot to wash the dishes
  • Backchatting
  • Not been home since Friday
  • Probably called her his ex’s name

One woman claimed “grovelling men will try anything”, while dozens of other women demanded this grand gesture or an apology from their parents going forward.

Two weeks ago Stockport County fans trolled Ryan Reynolds and Wrexham by flying a banner over their play-off semi-final against Grimsby Town.

As the teams warmed up ahead of the crunch clash, the BT Sport cameras panned overhead to a small plane trailing a banner behind it. "SCFC champions cheers thank you evf x," read the message, referencing Stockport's status as champions and their manager Dave Challinor's catchphrase.

Leeds locals were also left amused and mystified recently when an X-rated banner was spotted flying over the city.

The banner – which was attached to a plane and read "It’s not that hard to find the cl**", caught the attention of onlookers.

The stunt was part of a marketing campaign to advertise Naked Grapefruit, a sexual wellness shop that claims to "tackle taboos, one body-safe toy at a time".

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