Gunmen dressed as mariachis kill 3, wound 7 in Mexico City

Sometimes death imitates art.

Desperadoes dressed as mariachi musicians gunned down at least three people and wounded at least seven others in Mexico City.

The brazen bandits opened fire at a road crossing on the edge of Plaza Garibaldi, a major tourist attraction packed with mariachi bars, then sped off on motorcycles, police said.

The victims had been at a restaurant when the shooting started around 10 p.m. Friday. Authorities counted more than 60 bullet casings at the scene, according to published reports.

Plaza Garibaldi, Mexico City’s home of mariachi music, borders the notorious Tepito district, home to the violent La Union drug gang. The capital was kicking off weekend-long independence day celebrations.

“You come completely relaxed and to have a good time and then suddenly there are gunshots. You don’t know if you’re going to get back home,” one tourist told Reuters. “Now, you’re not going to trust mariachis because the gunmen were dressed as mariachis.”

The bloodshed conjured images of “Desperado,” the 1995 Robert Rodriguez film that stars Antonio Banderas as a mariachi who seeks revenge on the drug lord who killed his lover.

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