Gym-goer topples over after completing an impressive deadlift

Dumb-bell! Gym-goer flexes his muscles to celebrate an impressive deadlift – and then tumbles backwards over a bench

  • Javante Curry hoisted 425lb weight and proudly flexed his muscles to celebrate
  • But the 19-year-old tripped over some shoes and ended up falling on his bottom
  • He considered deleting the clip but ended up putting it on social media instead

Hilarious footage shows a gym-goer topple over backwards after completing an impressive deadlift.

Javante Curry, 19, hoisted a 425lb weight and proudly flexed his muscles to celebrate.

But seconds later he trips over a pair of shoes and stumbles backwards over a weights bench, ending up in an undignified heap on the floor.

His friend can be heard hysterically laughing after the deflating workout fail.

Javante, a cashier at US fast food chain Taco Bell, had asked his gym buddy Will Hollis, 19, to film his workout on April 9 at Body Shop Total Fitness.

But the fitness fanatic from Youngstown, Ohio, was left red-faced after his embarrassing tumble.

He was thinking about deleting it at first but then decided to post it online instead.

Javante Curry, from Ohio, completing an impressive 425lb deadlift in the gym with his friend

He proudly flexes his muscles to celebrate but ends up stepping onto a pair of shoes behind him, throwing him off balance

Javante stumbles over a red workout bench and tumbles backwards onto the floor

‘I was lifting 425lbs, which is easy for me but after I dropped the weight I was flexing and as I backed up I fell right over the bench behind me. It slipped me up,’ he said.

‘I was embarrassed about it but luckily we were the only ones in the gym.’

He added: ‘It was my first ever gym fail. We were cracking up about it for a while.’

Javante showing off his bulging biceps. He was thinking of deleted the embarrassing clip but decided to put it on social media instead

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