Harry and Meghan show PDA in ‘loving family mode’ in video to Sir Elton John

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were in "loving family mode" when they paid tributes to Sir Elton John ahead of his retirement gig in a pre-recorded video, a body language expert claimed.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex appeared on Disney+ programme on Sunday night just before the Rocket Man star performed at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, US.

The couple stood in front of their Archewell office, which has a double door featuring the foundation's logo on the window.

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Meghan said: "We just wanted to say congratulations! We are just so proud of you and so grateful that we were able to see you on your farewell tour also."

Harry, in a white shirt and blue suit jacket, put on a personal message saying: "Thank you for entertaining everybody for so many decades.

"Thank you for being the friend that you were to my mum."

Expert Judi James analysed the Sussexes' body language and spotted the obvious public display of attraction.

She said: "This is a very sweet and rather cute body language appearance from Harry and Meghan, who go into loving family mode to send their wishes to Elton John.

"Standing close and clearly attentive to each other as they speak they use tie signs signals to make this the kind of smooth, on-screen double-act that you might see from Holly and Phil."

When Harry mentioned the close friendship between Elton and his late mother Princess Diana, the moment became emotional as he referenced that Elton was "a friend to my mum".

"This emotional content makes him run out of steam for a second and he eye-checks Meghan as though happy to pass the baton on," Judi added.

"Her returned eye contact and nods and smiles signal non-verbal approval and encouragement for him to continue."

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