Harry and Meghan’s hand gestures ‘show lack of synchronisation’, expert says

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s gestures in unearthed footage shows the couple’s “severe lack of synchronisation”, a body language expert has claimed.

The Duke married Meghan in a spectacular ceremony in Windsor in 2018, and the couple announced their surprise decision to step down from royal duties soon after at the start of 2020.

The Sussexes have since started their new lives in California and have not returned to the UK on a public visit together this year, with Harry recently launching a lawsuit alleging that he feels unsafe in the UK without police protection.

Now a body language expert has examined footage of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attending royal engagements in the past, and claimed that the couple have a “lack of synchronisation”.

Having observed various clips of the Sussexes attending royal engagements, Jesus Enrique Rosas concluded: “These interactions tell us many things, first confirming Meghan’s dominant personality and attitude.

“But also that they have a severe lack of synchronisation between them. When Harry finally decides to step forward and greet people, or enter rooms where he has to sign books or do something expected from him, Meghan either interrupts or he requests her signal to proceed.”

To support his theory – which he set out in a recent YouTube video – the body language expert referred to one royal engagement, where the Sussexes were interacting with a group of people at an event.

“First of all you notice the difference in stance with their feet. Meghan’s feet are separated almost at shoulder width, which is a power stance,” Jesus said.

“And at the same time Harry has his ankles together, which is an insecure posture on a man.”

Harry could then be seen to take a step forward, when Meghan put her hand on his shoulder, and moved forwards first.

Jesus claimed that this “subtle gesture” then influenced Harry to step aside and even perform a motion similar to a “curtsy” for Meghan.

Earlier on in the video, Jesus highlighted footage from a different royal engagement where Meghan could be seen entering the room first, before Harry was pointed in the direction of a book that was awaiting his signature.

At the time, the body language expert suggested, Harry could be seen to be nervous while his wife directed him to the task at hand.

“Harry has so many doubts, including that hand on his belly that he does all the time. That is a defensive gesture, since he’s covering his abdomen, and he even turns around to check on Meghan when the woman is gesturing,” Jesus described.

“Those are signals that Harry sometimes takes too much time to act, being really insecure and looking for [Meghan’s] approval.

“But the main detail is Meghan’s gesture; that is not only extending her arm to him, but actually touching him like he should move it.”

Jesus claimed that the couple’s dynamic, with Meghan entering the room first, “tells a lot about their personalities.”

This comes as another body language expert claimed that a subtle gesture showed that the “tide had changed” in Meghan and Harry’s relationship during their infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Daily Star has contacted Harry and Meghan's representatives for comment.

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