Harry ‘feels his age in California’ as Meghan ‘distances herself’ from comments

Prince Harry’s move to the celebrity hub of California, US, with wife Meghan Markle has seen him “feeling his age” more than ever, breaking the “number one rule” of Hollywood in the process, an expert has claimed

The Duke of Sussex has, on several occasions, mentioned getting old during his Zoom engagements alongside his wife over the past few months.

In a video call seen above from July, he told young leaders from the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust: “Guys, I’m ageing, I’m 35 already…”

And in August, he joked he was “way too old” to be included in a conversation with youngsters with QCT.

On both occasions, Meghan rebuked her other half, even telling "we're not that old" in last month's call. But what do these two instances really mean?

As Harry celebrates his 36th birthday today (September 15), Daily Star Online has spoken to body language expert Judi James, who has suggested age really is a worry for the prince.

“Of course he must be feeling his age,” she tells this site.

Judi says Harry has swapped the “stuffy, antique-strewn corridors of royal life” where he was “seen as the forever-teen prince” with a “pickling culture” in the US.

“Youthful looks are a must and people have a Canute-style attitude to holding back the ageing process, involving the kinds of lifts, tucks and fillers that help people retain the myth of youth into their nineties,” she adds.

The body language guru believes this is why Harry is wearing his hair in a “fluff-up style” – to hide signs of thinning. She also notes he now waves his hands around and rolls his eyes to suggest a more “down with the kids” manner of body language.

Judi explains there are “clear body language cues” that he is feeling middle-aged in both video calls.

“He leans into the camera to make sure everyone gets his self-deprecating comments like ‘I’m ageing, I’m 35’, showing the subject is at the front of his mind,” she continues.

“Talking about being old tends to be a self-defence mechanism where you say it to avoid others thinking it and also in the hope that there will be a chorus of shocked surprised at the very idea.”

By getting told off by Meghan, Judi explains she is possibly seeing “her husband breaking one of the biggest rules of the world he now inhabits” of ageing.

When Harry first mentioned ageing in July, the former Suits actress was seen leaning away. This, the body language expert suggests, shows she is “disassociating herself” from his comments.

She also lifts her hand up to her head, which acts as a “barrier”.

In the August video call, Meghan breaks into a smile which implies Harry brings up the subject a lot.

“She hints at familiarity with the theme rather than shock and surprise,” Judi adds.

It comes as Prince William and Kate Middleton wished Harry happy birthday with a sweet Twitter post.

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