Harvey Weinstein juror wrote sensational book about predatory older men and was nearly kicked off trial – The Sun

HARVEY Weinstein’s lawyers failed in their bid to have a juror replaced after it emerged she had written a book about predatory older men.

During the trial it emerged that jury member Amanda Brainerd had authored the novel Age of Consent as well as penning reviews of books which explored themes similar to that of the trial. 

Brainerd was one of the jury — of five women and seven men — who yesterday found the movie mogul guilty of third degree rape and another sexual crime, reported Mail Online.

He is now set to be remanded in the notorious Rikers Prison island in New York ahead of his sentencing in March when he could be jailed for 25 years. 

After discovering the 52-year-old had written a book about “predatory older men”, Weinstein’s lawyers tried in vain to have her replaced.

Out this summer, Age of Consent is about “three young women in the 1980s, who negotiate fraught friendships, sexuality, class, and predatory older men on the journey from innocence to independence”.

Brainerd was also discovered to have written a book review on a novel called My Dark Vanessa, which also has a similar subject matter to the case. 

In that she wrote how she admired “the claustrophobia of Vanessa's isolation, the repulsiveness of her predator, and her entrapment in the relationship”.

Weinstein's lawyers tried to claim Brainerd had misrepresented herself in her jury questionnaire.

But the judge rejected this and allowed her to serve.

Meanwhile one of Weinstein's accusers, actress Rose McGowan said he will finally know how it feels to have "power wrapped around his neck" after his conviction.

Weinstein, once one of Hollywood's most powerful and feared men, is facing up to 29 years in prison after a New York City jury found him guilty of attacking two women.

It was the first trial of the #MeToo era, which was sparked by a torrent of allegations against the 67-year-old studio boss in October 2017.

He's also facing separate charges in Los Angeles involving two more alleged sexual assault victims.

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