Health care professionals at 2 clinics test positive for COVID-19 in KFL&A region

KFL&A Public Health says two health care facilities in their catchment area have had health care professionals test positive for the novel coronavirus.

Lakelands Family Health Team, based in Denbigh, Ont., in Addington Highlands, has been forced to close its doors after a health care worker at their centre was diagnosed with COVID-19.

It’s currently unclear which other health care facility has had a health care professional diagnosed with COVID-19, but Dr. Kieran Moore, medical officer of health of KFL&A Public Health, says in total, of the three newest cases identified in the region on Wednesday, at least two of those were health care workers.

“What is a bit disconcerting, and I want to be upfront,” said Moore, “is that the last couple of tests have come back in health care workers who are working in primary care clinics in our area, so, two different family practices in our region.”

In a Facebook post published Tuesday, Lakelands Family Health Team said they were closing indefinitely, until KFL&A Public Health gives them the green light to open once again.

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