Heart-warming moment a couple rescue an injured goose

Heart-warming moment a couple pack an injured goose into their backpack and cycle to emergency vet

  • Alex and Natalie were cycling on the canal when they noticed helpless bird
  • Adorable footage shows the goose in the bag seeming to ‘watch the world go by’
  • Pair rang the RSPCA who told them to take ailing animal to emergency vet
  • A spokesman for the charity said that goose was very ill and was put down 

Heart-warming footage shows a couple taking a goose to a vet on their bike after they found it struggling to walk by a canal.

Alex Drew and Natalie Roberts stopped their bikes when they saw the bird ‘not acting normally’ when they took a bike ride along a canal in Staffordshire.

Natalie decided to ring the RSPCA, who told them they needed to get to an emergency vet in the nearest town.

The couple decided to pack the goose, which they called Greg, in their backpack and take him to the nearest town on their bikes.

Natalie told ITV news: ‘It did not react to us and we thought that was not normal behaviour so we stopped to have a look at it and realised it was incapacitated.

‘He then tried to get up but fell straight down and flailed around on the grass. I scooped him up and sat him down on the ground again, and he crawled onto my lap.’ 

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Alex and Natalie noticed that the goose was not acting normally and was unable to walk when they were cycling along a canal in Staffordshire

She added: ‘It was getting dark so we cycled two miles into town with him. He loved being on the bike and was watching the world go by. We gave him food and water which he appreciated.’ 

When they got to the vet, they were told that the goose was ‘very unwell’.

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “Sadly, as the goose was emaciated and very unwell, a vet made the sad decision to put the bird to sleep to prevent further suffering.” 

They packed the ailing goose, which they called Greg,  into their backpack after calling the RSPCA for advice. Alex said that it seemed happy as it ‘watched the world go by’

Unfortunately the goose was too unwell when he got to the vets and had to be put to sleep to put it out of it’s misery

‘It was extremely disappointing that it didn’t turn out to be a happy ending but as the RSPCA said there was nothing that could be done for it. I was happy that we played our part.’

Alex said: ‘The experience of having his face by mine when it was on my back was completely surreal, I don’t think many people have had an experience like that.

‘It was really calm and happy to watch the world go by – it seemed to love the experience.’


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