Heartbroken family of Brit mum killed in horror crash reveal agony as her two children are stranded 11,000 miles from home at Christmas

Kerry Sargent, 42, was one of two people who tragically died in a collision which left her wife, Jules, badly injured.

As a result of the accident in October their children, Ben and Olivia Sargent, aged six and nine, have been left stranded in New Zealand as Jules is still recovering from the smash near Whangarei, in the North Island.

Gemma Owston, a grieving cousin of Kerry, has spoken lovingly of her relation and paid tribute to her being an "amazing" mum.

She said that Kerry "was the most maternal, loving person. Her children were her life, they were everything to her.

"Every decision she made was for her children. She was an absolutely incredible mother."

Gemma added: "Kerry was quite a private person, so I want to speak to her wife before saying too much but there are no words to explain what an amazing woman she was."

Ben and Olivia – who were not seriously injured in the crash – are attending school while being cared for by friends in New Zealand, while Jules recovers from long-term injuries.

Seriously injured in the crash, she was taken to Whangarei Hospital with multiple fractures including broken vertebrae.

The trip to New Zealand by the two women and their children was supposed to be a holiday of a lifetime but it turned into a nightmare when, after a night out with friends, tragedy struck.

An oncoming car crossed the central white lines and collided with Kerry's car.

The driver of the other vehicle, Mary Peneamena, 65, of Auckland, and Kerry died at the scene and Jules was rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Still too ill to travel, Jules has been recovering in hospital and the children will be spending Christmas thousands of miles away from family in Whangarei.

It’s not known when she will be well enough to return home to Gloucester with Ben and Olivia.

Although the children were not seriously injured, they have been traumatised and "the memory of that awful event remains at the forefront of their minds" said family friend, Alan York.

He has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to create “magical moments” for the children in the future.

Alan hopes that donations for the family will help them through these "tough times."

He said:  "Jules is recuperating in New Zealand and will need a substantial period of recovery before the family can return to England.

"Until then, Ben and Olivia will have to be schooled in New Zealand whilst Jules undergoes gruelling physiotherapy before the doctors can assess whether she is fit enough to take the children on their long journey home.

"Jules’ recovery period is expected to be very lengthy and we, as friends of the family, want to help Ben and Olivia get through what will inevitably be some very tough times over the next few years, given how involved their mums were in all aspects of their lives.

"With your help, we can create some magical moments that they can look forward to.

"Days out, holidays, all of these will provide light during the darker times. Over the next year, we will be organising a number of fundraising events to raise money for Ben and Olivia."

So far more than £9,000 of the £15,000 target has been pledged by supporters, with those donating posting heartwarming comments, and wishing Jules a “speedy recovery”.

If you would like to donate to the campaign set up to help the family – please follow this link.


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