Heartwarming pictures show dogs opening their Christmas presents with their paws

Dogs all over the UK have finally been rewarded for being loyal by grateful owners who showered them with gifts this Christmas .

Twitter users have agreed the best thing about the festive season isn't the food or the gift giving – but the dogs.

Early on Christmas morning, several pup owners posted funny snaps of their pooches gazing longingly at a sack of presents.

But by midday, chaos had broken out in home across the United Kingdom as dogs tore into wrapping paper with their paws.

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In one video, an adorable brown and white spotted pup can be seen given a gold coloured present by his owner.

The pup takes the gift from his owner’s hand and quickly begins tearing the paper off with his teeth.

Using his paws, the dog scratches as the wrapping and finally gets his teeth into a soft toy.

After 20 seconds, the canine manages to tear off the paper to reveal a plush toy avocado.

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One excited user posted an adorable picture of his tiny grey dog next to a Christmas tree.

The pup can be seen patiently waiting by a sack of presents as his owner takes the picture.

Alongside the cute image, the pups owner wrote: "My dog REALLY wants to get her stocking and won’t stop looking back at us to see if we’re opening presents yet!

"Merry Christmas everyone!"

The heartwarming message was well received by dog lovers who begged the owner to "let her open it."

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Other pups can be seen proudly sitting in a sea of toys after shredding paper with their teeth.

Commenting on pictures of pets one user said: "Seeing dogs open their Christmas presents brings me so much joy."

While a second said: "We got my dog a new stuff animal for Christmas. She loves opening presents.

"The best thing about Christmas is the overwhelming volume of dogs opening their presents," a third added.

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