Hero neighbour scales high-rise building to save woman trapped on her window ledge as her flat went up in flames

Pyae Nway, 30, was dubbed Spiderman after expertly scaling a pipe to help a woman stranded on her window ledge in Yangon, Burma.

Dozens of people were trapped inside the cramped homes when a fire broke out on Saturday morning.

Mobile phone footage shows several people stranded several feet up with black smoke coming billowing out of their flats.

Many residents, including a couple and woman named San Thien, are seen crouched over air conditioning units waiting for fire crews.

Then Nway comes into shot, clambering up the metal pipe up to his terrified neighbours.

He grabs Thien by the hand and cradles her with one arm before slowly shimmying back down to safety.

At this point, other residents follow his lead by climbing out of windows and traversing down scaffolding poles.

Nway later said: "I heard people shouting, 'I'm going to jump, I'm going to jump', so I climbed up to help."

He said he could not stand by and let the woman to perish in the fire.

Nway added: "I didn't think there was time to wait for the fire brigade. The woman's life was at risk. I just did what was needed to make sure she was safe."

Myanmar Fire Services Department said the blaze was extinguished around ten minutes after the arrived and that nobody was injured.

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