Hero police dog forces thief to surrender with hands on head in dramatic CCTV

A heroic police dog has forced a car thief to surrender following a lengthy police chase.

A Nissan Juke was reported stolen on Sunday (April 10) in Blackburn, Lancashire, with a police helicopter, tactical ops and firearms officers all called into action.

Working alongside them was a dog called Viper, who helped find the suspect in a residential garden after he had crashed the vehicle.

Lancashire's Police Dog Unit took to Twitter to announce the news, posting: "Stolen Nissan Juke pursued and crashed in Blackburn. Lancs Police Tac Ops catch man. PD Viper deployed, tracked to one man hiding behind fence.

"NPAS North West Region attend capturing man attempting to flee followed by man being located in next garden. Great team work Lancs Police ARV."

Twitter users were quick to congratulate Viper for his great work, with one user writing: "Fantastic work gorgeous Viper!!! Stoopid baddy thinking he could hide from you #thenoseknows Take care and stay safe xxx"

A second commented: "Brilliant work Well done Viper Stay safe and thank you so much for all you do to keep us safe", while a third simply added: "Good dog".

One user took the opportunity to poke fun at the car thief, exclaiming: "Stolen & Nissan Juke – two phrases rarely seen together. Did the offender get charged with a Section 69, 'Getting caught and dying of embarrassment'?"

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In October last year a heroic police dog was shot in the head and survived after chasing down a suspect.

Three police officers conducted a high-risk traffic stop in which they told the suspect to put his hands up.

Ignoring the order, the suspect started running away at which point K-9 Riggs was released to capture him before he made it onto a highway.

As Riggs tackled the suspect to the ground, however, he suffered a gunshot wound to the forehead, but miraculously survived.

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