Hilarious pics reveal innocent kids' homework – and they have NO idea how rude they've been!

And these hilarious pictures have captured just how innocent kids can be as they capture the world around them.

From a surprisingly phallic pair of scissors to amusing portrayals of their parents, the drawings are certainly one way to cheer up your day.

The cheeky drawings show just how innocent kids can be as they confess their mums are partial to wine at night – while their dads wear chef hats looking suspiciously like genitalia.

The beauty in other photos are in their captions – with just one writing: "My dad is an employee. He likes drinking."

Another even waxed lyrical in a sweet poem: "Roses are red, violets are blue, and you are still bald and you cannot change that at all."

Probably don't come over, Valerie

Spot the difference

Cloudy with a chance of farts

A full-time job?

Sun, sand and sass

He's a poet and he doesn't even know it

I mean, they're not wrong

What a hulla-blue

Sharp shooter

Standing tall

A thoughtful notice

Jaws: the sequel

A thoughtful message

Why not both?

It's just water, right?

The first step is acceptance

A swing and a miss

Don't get the snip

An oldie but a goodie

The next Picasso

Jungle fever

This monkey and lion seem to be getting along quite well

A motivational message

Whatever helps you get through the day

Pleased as punch

And he's got the hat to prove it

Here's looking at you, kid

Dragon Ball-Z

We were all thinking it

Never forget your lightsaber


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