Holiday-maker’s lilo blows away and she belly-flops into the pool

Hilarious moment a holidaymaker’s attempt to jump onto a lilo without getting wet goes spectacularly wrong

  • Aleksandra Djuran, 23, is seen enjoying a holiday in Mallorca, Spain, with friends
  • She notices the high winds and hesitantly chucks her inflatable lilo in the pool 
  • But when she dives in the lilo blows away and she plunges face-flat in the water 

A 23-year-old girl failed to make a smooth landing onto her inflatable lilo when strong winds blew it away – and she belly-flopped into the water instead. 

Aleksandra Djuran, was enjoying a girls holiday at the Hotel Viva Eden Lago in Alcudia on the Spanish island of Mallorca, when she fancied a quick dip into the pool without getting wet.

The holiday-maker can be seen nervously pacing in a black Calvin Klein bikini before she flings her blue inflatable mattress onto the water.

Epic fail: Aleksandra Djuran, 23, is painfully close to landing on the inflatable lilo while on holiday in Mallorca, Spain, with friends. But the wind seems to have another idea and she ends up plummeting into the hotel pool, away from the upturned mattress

So close yet so far: She tries to balance herself on the pool’s ledge for a controlled jump on to the lilo

Error of judgement: Aleksandra underestimates the weather and takes a leap of faith into the Spanish hotel’s swimming pool

Enjoying the Spanish sun: She posts a selfie wearing a black halter-neck swimsuit to Instagram to mark her holiday

The grey skies and swaying palm trees would suggest it is too breezy and Aleksandra initially loses control – with the lilo rolling twice across the water’s surface.

Her friend can be heard hysterically laughing behind the camera but this does not stop the bikini-clad Aleksandra from Odense in Denmark – and she takes the plunge.  

The tanned brunette catapults herself across and lets out a loud shriek before smacking into the water in a hilarious face-flat style. 

Unfortunately for her, the friends find it too hilarious to have much sympathy as she resurfaces only a few centimeters away from the water float. 

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