Homeless hero who saved baby ‘forced out’ of area and now living in park

A homeless hero who saved a baby from falling out of a pram is now living in a park after allegedly being ‘forced out’ of the area he once called home.

Mark Noble says his life spiralled out of control following claims that some beggars in Hull were duping passersby out of cash by pretending to sleep rough.

The 36-year-old had been praised for his quick thinking when he reacted to save a stranger’s baby from a nasty fall in Holderness Road last October.

However, he says he soon suffered a dramatic change in fortunes in January when police warned people not to give to three male beggars in the shopping street.

The force said one man earned £100 a day from begging, the Hull Daily Mail reports.

The warning was issued at the same time Hull City Council revealed Mr Noble is subject to an antisocial behaviour injunction which prohibits him from asking for money in Hull.

It was never confirmed whether Mr Noble was one of the beggars insinuated by police to be raking in cash, but he said the claims led to him being “forced out” of the area.

The former beggar alleged: "There were three other people down there who were in hostels and flats but I was never living anywhere.

"I had to get away from the area. I just went and I thought, ‘I’m not having people believing that.’ It did my head in because people were saying I was getting in flash cars and living in a flat and I don’t know where that came from."

After leaving Holderness Road, Mr Noble ended up in the city centre where he says he embarked on a dangerous drug binge. However after just three weeks, he realised he needed to get away from that area if he was going to rebuild his life.

He now lives five miles outside of Hull in a tent in a park – and is showing promising signs of getting his life back on track.

“I’ve been sat outside shops since then and I’ve been given chances by people who want to help me," he said.

“I wash pots in a café at the weekend and I’ve hopefully got another job coming up doing some window cleaning.

"When I’m not working I am just pottering around but I don’t ask people for money.”

Mr Noble is adamant he will not move into a hostel as he believes they could be home to drug-takers, which may cause him to once again become addicted to harmful substances.

However, now that he has a modest, regular income he is hoping to save up enough money to buy his own flat.

He is still bitter about how he ended up having to leave Holderness Road and he denies being an aggressive beggar.

But he admits he is now in a better place having moved out of Hull for good.

“I’m on about £8 an hour and I want to get myself enough money so I can get some get some accommodation," he said.

“I was fuming about leaving Holderness Road because I had friends down there and lots of people helping me but I’ve managed to get the same help here and I’m glad I made the move here.

“Everyone is great with me and I can go into the pub and get a cup of tea and watch Sky Sports because the landlady is good to me and she’s even given me a phone.

“It’s like I’ve got a little home for myself here which is what I had in Holderness Road too."

He added: “I ruined my relationship with my mum through taking heroin but we still speak and I am hoping to salvage it.

"I know it will take time and I’ve got to prove myself but at the end of the day I’m a good kid in a sad situation.”

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