‘Hopelessly fractured’ Putin plot crumbling as soldiers ‘booby-trap beaten dog with bomb’

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Members of the Spetsnaz GRU unit are alleged to have attacked a dog in Makariv, northwest of Kyiv, until it could barely move. They are then said to have wired it to a bomb, laying the groundwork for a potential attack on civilians.

Spetsnaz GRU has been dubbed “the deadliest Russian special forces”.

A source told the Mirror: “This is more evidence the Russian plan is hopelessly fractured with the Kremlin now forced to send undercover soldiers on low-level ‘terrorist’ operations.”

Makariv residents spotted the device before anyone was injured.

They called Ukrainian bomb disposal experts to disable and remove the bomb.

The dog has since been nicknamed “Fox” and is in recovery, according to the Mirror.

The source added: “This is what the GRU specialise in, undermining civil confidence in the war effort and inflicting horror rather like a terrorist group would.

“Covert operatives will be behind this, either having done it themselves or having recruited a sympathiser to set the booby-trap.”

A former British soldier added that no one knows precisely where the GRU are operating.

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The Moscow Times reported in May that Vladimir Putin had given his military intelligence agency a more prominent role in Ukraine after analysts claimed his invasion was “behind schedule”.

Security experts Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan noted that the forces “are tough and loyal officers not shy in their methods, but by no means refined spies”.

Moscow’s forces are understood to have made some gains in Ukraine in recent weeks, though analysts predict they will find it difficult to keep hold of them all.

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One of the primary reasons is the ginormous expenditure of artillery and ammunition on a daily basis.

A senior Western official last month told the Washington Post: “There will come a time when the tiny advances Russia is making become unsustainable in light of the costs and they will need a significant pause to regenerate capability.”

Ukraine is also suffering from severe shortages, according to one intelligence report by Western and Ukrainian officials, seen last month by the Independent.

This revealed that Kyiv’s forces are outgunned 20 to one to Russia in artillery and 40 to one in ammunition.

Experts this week told the Financial Times that the West could soon run out of ammunition with which to supply Ukraine.

The UK was recently forced to but equipment from a third party to send to Ukraine due to its own low stockpiles.

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