Horror as teen clings to spinning fair ride before being thrown to her death

A teenage girl was left clinging for her life to a spinning fairground ride before being thrown to her tragic death.

Helpless family members watched on as Britany Fernandez, 13, smashed into a metal bar after a safety lock is believed to have broken, causing her to slip out of her seat on Sunday (Aug 14).

Video footage shows the young girl clinging to the ride as it spun around at top speed at a carnival in Santa Barbara, Honduras, after the lock on the safety bars that were keeping her in place appeared to come unfastened.

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Britany's body was then slammed into the platform underneath the ride, where she then hit her head on a metal railing, suffering a catastrophic blow.

Fellow carnival attendees rushed to help the girl and she was taken to hospital but was declared dead shortly upon arrival.

A memorial service was held before Britany's funeral on Tuesday, where friends and classmates paid tribute to the "cheerful" and "kind" teen.

Friend Estefany Pineda said: "Britany was always calm, she had a very nice manner.

“She was always kind. This is so sad that it happened because she had so many dreams in life.”

Wilmer Reyes, headmaster of Britany's school, the Juan Lindo Institute, added: “Britany was a charismatic young girl, very humble. In the military marching band, she played the snare drum.

“We are really dismayed about what happened because she was very well loved at the school, which is shown by the more than 300 pupils who have accompanied her family in their devastating loss.

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"We ask that these kinds of fairground rides have greater security measures in order to prevent tragedies like this from happening again."

The fairground has reportedly been closed ever since the incident and law enforcement officials have launched an investigation into what happened on Sunday, but they have not yet made any arrests.

The owners of the ride reportedly told local TV they "have the operating permits" and placed the blame on Britany's parents.

"The little girl went up unaccompanied by her parents and she fainted. It is not our fault, we have operating permits," they said.

Honduras' Police Directorate of Investigations have now taken on the case and are gathering evidence into the horrible tragedy. They will consider whether criminal action is necessary.


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