Horror injuries of boy, 6, doused in boiling water and hot rum by his family in satanic black magic rituals

A LITTLE lad blinded in one eye and left with broken bones after being tortured in black magic rituals is facing a pain free future with a new family.

The six-year-old boy, who also had damaged testicles and toenails ripped out, was abused by his adopted family in central west Brazil over a nine month period between 2015 and 2016.

The evil abusers now all face up to 70 years in prison for the sickening abuse they carried out on the child who was just four at the time.

The five offenders, a grandmother, two uncles, an aunt and a teenage cousin, have been convicted of torture, corruption of minors and failure to exercise parental authority.

Detectives said the boy, named as Marcus, was subjected to sustained and horrendous attacks up to four times a week at night.

The child, who thought his torture and pain was “normal”, has been left psychologically traumatised.

But he also bears physical scars and lesions all over his body, blindness in one eye with the risk of losing his sight in the other and broken bones which have calcified.

According to Detective Priscilla Anuda Quarti, the victim, who was aged four at the time, was adopted after being abandoned by his biological parents who were drug users.

The evil child abusers confessed they had taken custody of the toddler in May 2015 with the intention of “using him in black magic rituals" and planned to eventually "offer him as a sacrifice”.

The cult members claimed the infant was possessed by a demon and the entity promised “prosperity and wealth”.

The devil worshippers admitted they felt “compelled to perform the voodoo ceremonies” to reap their rewards.

The little one was labelled a “nuisance” and an “intruder” in the family by one of the wicked uncles who admitted taking “great pleasure in inflicting pain” on the child because he was jealous of the boy’s presence.



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Det Quarti said: “The child lived in fear and suffered near daily abuse.

“When we asked (the boy) about the attacks and rituals, he simply lowered his head and was silent.”

The victim's catalogue of injuries left hardened police officers in tears and medical staff in distress.

Magistrate Silvio Luis da Silveira Lemos, said: “The boy has wounds and lesions all over his body from punches and kicks.

“He was whipped with cables and beaten with broomsticks.

“He has multiple scars covering his face, neck and torso where he has been burned with cigars and hot rum. Boiling water was poured over his head during the black magic rituals.

“We found he had an old injury of a broken arm which had been undiagnosed and untreated. “This has led to calcification in his wrist."

After being discharged, the boy returned to the children’s home for a few weeks before being placed with a new family in the state of Minas Gerais, south east Brazil, who have since adopted him. He faces years of plastic surgery, physiotherapy and psychological help.

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