Hospital staff tell dying mum-of-7 she’s ‘stupid’ and ‘made bad life choices’

A Canadian hospital has sparked a wave of protests after a patient was filmed being insulted and told she made "bad life choices" while she lay dying in bed.

Joyce Echaquan, 37, appeared to also be called "stupid" in the Facebook Live video she broadcast shortly before her death at the hospital in Joliette, Quebec.

The mum-of-seven, who was a member of the indigenous Atikamekw tribe, appeared to be greatly distressed and screams at intervals throughout the clip.

In the footage, a staff member, who has now been sacked, insults her in French.

She tells Joyce, "you are stupid as hell", and that she made "bad life choices" and her children would be ashamed of her, according to CBC.

The mum admitted herself to the hospital with stomach pains.

Joyce’s distraught husband, Carol Dubé, told Radio Canada that she had only been in the hospital for two days when she died, on Monday, September 28.

"I have seven children who find themselves without a mother. I am sad. I am so sad," he said.

According to her sister-in-law, Jemima Dubé, she uploaded several videos during her stay in the hospital because she didn't trust the medical staff.

The mum, who had a history of heart problems, was said to fear she was being given too much medication.

A coroner's investigation and a probe by the local health authority will examine the cause of her death, according to Sylvie D'Amours, Quebec's minister responsible for Indigenous affairs.

Seeming to deny that racism played a part in Joyce's death, First Minister Francois Legault said: "I really don’t think that we have this kind of way of dealing with First Nations people in our hospitals in Quebec.

"Yes, there is some racism in Quebec. We’re working on that."

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