Hotel CCTV shows woman fleeing after ‘drugging and robbing’ man she met at bar

A woman accused of drugging and robbing £7,000 in cash from a man was spotted fleeing his hotel room after a flirtatious encounter.

The victim, who is visiting the US from Georgia, claimed he met the woman at a local casino bar in south Florida where they spent the night drinking and gambling before heading back to his hotel in Dania Beach on September 11.

Hotel CCTV footage released by the Broward County Police Department shows the woman in a long grey dress entering the hotel with the victim and walking up to his hotel room

The man, whose face is blurred out, opens the door and they both enter the room.

Moments later, the woman leaves the room, seemingly putting something in the opening of the door to keep it ajar.

She walks around the hallway before finally heading towards the lift to exit the building.

A security camera at the hotel carpark captures the woman speed walking as she heads to her car

Broward Police said the man awoke the next morning to find the woman was gone along with $9,000 (£6,883) he had in cash.

He also suggested he had been drugged and claimed there had been a "white substance" left in his drinking glass.

The investigators have now made a public appeal to find the woman, who was last seen wearing a face mask and a grey cap, in a matching long grey dress.

They added that she left the hotel in a white four-door vehicle, however, the model is unknown.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Broward Crime Stoppers and any anonymous tips that lead to an arrest are eligible for a reward of up to $3,000 (£2,294).

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