How the UK’s Covid cases compare with Germany: Merkel contends with ‘dramatic’ FOURTH wave

Germany: Expert suggests lockdown as Covid cases surge

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Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has described the country’s Covid situation as “dramatic” as she contends with a fourth wave of infections. The UK has also reported in the last week that case numbers are increasing across over 290 areas. Here, we take a look at how our Covid figures stack up with those of our German counterparts.

Covid cases numbers have been growing quickly in Germany since the start of last month.

On Wednesday, the Robert Koch Institute, Germany’s public health body, reported more than 50,000 new Covid cases and a further 294 deaths.

To date, the country has recorded 5.1 million cases and almost 100,000 fatalities linked to Covid.

According to a translation by Deutsche Welle, Ms Merkel told an event for the Association of German Cities that the fourth wave was hitting Germany “with full force”.

She said: “The number of daily new infections is higher than ever before … and the daily death toll is also frightening.”

Ms Merkel’s Government and state leaders are due to convene this week and discuss the possibility of new nationwide restrictions.

Last week one of Germany’s most senior virologists, Christian Drosten, warned a further 100,000 people could die from Covid if nothing is done to halt the latest wave of infections.

How do case numbers compare?

According to research produced by Our World in Data – a British non-profit organisation, who collect daily Covid figures – Germany has started to record more confirmed Covid cases than the UK since last Saturday.

However, case numbers for both still range in the tens of thousands.

For instance, on the same Wednesday Germany reported more than 50,000 cases this week, the UK recorded 38,961 confirmed cases of its own.

Despite currently recording more daily confirmed cases, Germany, as of yesterday, still ranks below the UK according to Our World in Data, in relation to daily confirmed cases per million people.

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For November 18 the UK scored a rating of 580.74 cases per million people in comparison to 535.65 for Germany.

National infection levels for the UK had dropped by more than a fifth over the past month.

Nonetheless, figures released this week showcase numbers are starting to rise for over 290 areas.

One area in particular – Torridge in north Devon – witnessed an 88 percent increase in the number of Covid infections confirmed there for the past week.

Why are cases rising in Germany?

Germany has struggled to see a high uptake of vaccines, since launching its vaccine programme in December last year.

Currently, just around 67 percent of Germans are fully vaccinated.

In total, 16 million Germans aged over 12 have not yet been fully vaccinated.

To try and combat rising Covid levels, several German areas and states, such as Saxony, have already imposed more Covid measures and require residents to show Covid passes to enter public venues.

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