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THE People’s Republic of China’s military and intelligence branches – under the draconian direction of President Xi Jinping and his loyalists – operate under the three “S” system when it comes to nations they view as adversarial. 

Those being: Surveil, Subvert, and pound into Submission.

Two of the nations they consider to be the most adversarial to their plans are the United States and England.

That said, the Chinese leadership has come to realize that both nations have become easier to subvert with each passing year. 

Why? Two of the main reasons being: “Wokism” and greed. 

Collectively on both sides of the Atlantic, they have spent billions to not only infiltrate academia, the media, think tanks, science, medicine, and the sports world, but to buy silence as well.  


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As they do so, the Chinese leadership, military, and intelligence apparatus remains laser-focused on one mission and one mission only.

Establishing the People’s Republic of China as not only the most dominant nation on earth, but the most dominant in the near Solar System.

Not only do they believe that to be “Job One”, but their ultimate goal most definitely justifies using any means necessary. 

No matter how brutal.

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Here in the United States, as the Biden administration weakens our military and three-letter intelligence agencies via identity politics, acceptable nouns and pronouns, and the purging of those who don’t accept their “woke” narrative, China is literally war-gaming how far-out their sphere of domination will reach one hundred years from now. 

Hint: Mars.

Back here on earth, much of our political, government, and pundit class seemingly lost their minds and all proper perspective because of one Chinese “Spy” balloon floating across parts of the United States until shot down by a U.S. fighter jet over the Atlantic.

In England, Transport Minister Richard Holden said “it is possible” China has already flown spy balloons over Britain.

He added: “The government is concerned about what's going on. China is a hostile state and we need to be aware of that and the way it acts and behaves.”

Additionally, British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace stressed in part that the Chinese spy balloons were a “sign of how the global threat picture is changing for the worse…”

As all of the hand-wringing is playing out, it’s not hard to imagine the Chinese leadership laughing themselves silly at how the West gets “all worked up when we float a tinker-toy balloon over their country”.

Meanwhile they remain silent over allegations China is creating deadly viruses in its military labs while manufacturing the very pharmaceuticals they depend on to remain healthy.

They remain silent while China infiltrates numerous nations around the world, purchase U.S. and U.K. land by the thousands of acres and steal their technology.

And they stay silent while Xi reportedly targets every satellite they need for their national and economic security and very survival.

All this while China also advances toward not only militarizing the Moon and declaring it the sovereign territory of China, but claiming the millions of tons of Helium-3 on its surface.

With regard to Helium-3, the Chinese leadership does believe it (of which, they have already returned a sample from the Moon to the Earth) to be a game-changer. 

As to why, the isotope is thought to be a limitless supply of safe, clean, green energy.

Some experts estimate the moon’s surface holds over 2 million metric tons, and that just 25 metric tons could fuel the energy needs of the United States for a year. 

If just half as abundant and efficient as believed, Helium-3 would be the largest power-shifting discovery in the history of our planet.

And yet, as I believe the Chinese leadership is focusing on locking down that infinite power supply, in the U.S. and elsewhere, it's a party balloon on steroids that commands the attention of those who purport to lead and protect us.

Shoot down a balloon… thump your chest and expect a victory parade. 

Ignore the dramatically worse and exponentially growing threats to our security as well as that of our allies posed by China… perpetuate the status quo of the ruling class by looking the other way.

In the minds of the Chinese leadership, they are doing their job by trying to surveil, subject, and pound into submission those they perceive as threats. 

Again, for those who claim to be the leaders of our nations, our militaries, and our intelligence agencies, if you don’t like it – and it should honestly horrify you – then do something about it before our collective national security, sovereignty, and liberty are eroded even further.

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The totalitarian leadership of China is not hiding what they are doing.  Too many world “leaders” are simply afraid to look.

Douglas MacKinnon is a former White House and Pentagon official and author of the book: The 56 – Liberty Lessons from those who risked all to sign The Declaration of Independence.

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