Huge tree topples and crashes onto a highway causing brutal car crash

Huge tree topples and crashes onto a highway causing brutal two-car crash in Russia

  • Horrifying clip shows a Birch tree crash across a road in Izhevsk, Russia 
  • Branches propel into rear window of the filmer’s car and crush bonnet of another
  • The car grinds to halt on roadside after the incident, captured on October 5

Horrifying footage has emerged of a tree collapsing across a road in the capital city of western Russia’s Udmurt Republic.

The driver is making their journey in Izhevsk, Russia, showing a glimmer of the autumnal colours touching the Birch trees.

They curve around the bend while music is playing, in the dashcam footage taken on October 5.

A Birch tree launched itself across a road in Izhevsk, Russia, and caused two cars to crash, on October 5. The frightening dashcam footage shows the tree making a sharp fall to the road where it hits an approaching white car

Moments later, one of the towering trees launches itself down towards the road.

It instantly smacks the ground and a white car approaching on the opposite side.

As its branches propel from the tree, it whacks the vehicle with great speed and causes the bonnet to crush. 

The pieces of wood catapult towards the car filming the frightening moment and it pulls over into the road side.   

No one was injured in the incident which saw the tree break into chunks and spread across both lanes.  

The branches smack into the vehicle at high speed and send chunks of wood across the empty road

The tree can be seen slightly sticking out from the woodlands, just seconds before it starts to make a beeline for the road

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