‘I begged daughter to leave psycho partner – he slaughtered her and grandkids’

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    A heartbroken grandma has spoken out after her daughter and two grandchildren were slaughtered by a “psychopathic” murderer.

    Damien Bendall was thrown in prison for life in December after shockingly murdering Terri Harris, 35, John Bennet, 13, and Lacey Bennet, 11, during a children's sleepover in September 2021.

    He also raped his partner and murdered her 11-year-old friend Connie Gent during the horror night in Kilamarsh, Derbyshire.

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    And now Terri's mother Angie Smith has told how she warned her daughter to stay away from the sick bloke, stating she was “scared for her”, The Mirror reports.

    She said: “I told her I was scared for her, that maybe I’d get a phone call one day saying he’d beaten her up.

    “She seemed to watch everything she said around him.

    “He was trying to stop her from coming to see us.

    “Her friends were messaging me saying we don’t hear from her any more.

    “My girl wasn’t my girl any more – he was controlling her.

    “Terri loved those kids. She thought the world of her children and wouldn’t have put them at risk.”

    During the court case, it emerged he had been ruled as being of “sexual risk of harm to girls” by the probation service, who also in 2016 said he was “cold and calculated, and quite psychopathic”.

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    However, it was also claimed the probation office and officers had made a series of failings, meaning he was allowed to live freely on UK streets.

    This, Angie said, has left “so many lives wrecked”.

    She added: “What if she was just waiting for that one moment to say: ‘No, this person isn’t who I thought he was?’ But that never came.

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    “It’s disgusting. So many lives wrecked, just because someone couldn’t do their job properly.

    “We’re just a normal family – if it can happen to us, it can happen to anybody.

    “My daughter was the 80th person to be killed in 2021 by a violent partner.

    “We can’t keep losing that amount of women every year to domestic violence.”

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