I'd rather stay in the European Union than back Theresa May's lousy Brexit deal — and they've all LIED to us

We were told in 2016 that the EU would never dream of forming its own army — that turned out to be a filthy lie, because that madcap scheme is now openly espoused by the leaders of France and Germany. But I am not talking about that particular lie.

And I don’t mean the multiple Project Fear lies about immediate economic collapse if the British people dared to vote Leave, fibs that included warnings of an immediate recession and unemployment up by 520,000 (in fact, unemployment has gone down).

No, I mean the greatest lie of all — that the will of the British people would be honoured by our politicians.

A ONCE IN A GENERATION DECISION,” swore the brazenly pro-Remain leaflet that David Cameron’s Government sent to every household in the land (at a cost to you of £10million). “Your chance to decide if we should remain in or leave the European Union. This is your decision. The Government will implement what you decide.”

My capitals. Their lie. Because it simply has not happened. They lied to us. The Establishment has done everything in its power to frustrate, negate and neuter the democratic decision of the British people. This is not what we voted for

Thanks to Theresa May’s sorry excuse for a deal, this country now faces the prospect of being a non-voting member of the EU, a colony of Brussels that is not free to strike its own trade deals around the world, a serf state that is not even free to leave their customs union unless Brussels grants us permission (don’t hold your breath).

This is not a return of national sovereignty. And it is not what we voted for. And it is not what we were promised. I am hearing Brexit now being described as “the impossible dream”.

But why was leaving the EU impossible? Why is it beyond the reach of the fifth biggest economy in the world, the oldest parliamentary democracy on the planet, to become a sovereign nation once more? We have every right to take back control of our borders, our laws, our trade.

The truth is that the establishment is not ALLOWING us to leave the European Union.

The ruling class — from this Tory Government to the corridors of Whitehall, from the House of Lords to Broadcasting House — look down their noses at the 17.4million people who voted to leave. They believe that we are horrible, working-class people — ignorant, racist pinheads who should never be allowed inside a polling booth.

And so democracy itself has been overruled by the losing side, because they are the ones with power, they are the ones with a voice, and they are the ones with gold-plated pensions and titles who despise you and I for daring to believe that the UK could be a sovereign nation once more.

They lied to us and we see their lie clearly now. They told us our decision was final in 2016. Nobody can claim that Theresa May is returning sovereignty to our nation. Incredibly, her plan to turn us into the EU’s forelock-tugging colony is far, far worse than actually being inside the EU!

And I speak as one of the millions who has learned to despise the EU. For two humiliating years, our politicians have been deeply, pitifully apologetic about our wish to leave and in return the EU has treated us with nothing but disrespect and contempt.

Barnier, Tusk and Juncker all turn my stomach. But I would rather be in their stinking EU than go along with Mrs May’s lousy deal.

I feel a deep human sympathy for Theresa May. As soon as the vote for Leave came in, her predecessor David Cameron scuttled off to write his memoirs for £800,000 — a publishing advance that was happily not harmed by Brexit.

But with grit, good humour and the deep sense of duty that is her best characteristic, Theresa May has done her very best. But it is just not good enough. If Mrs May has her way, then she will turn our free, independent nation into a colony of a power that despises us.

Generations before us fought for our freedom, Mrs May. You do not have the right to give that freedom away.

Spain's still weatring its L-plates

SPAIN’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, calls for the British to have a second Brexit referendum.

This from the leader of a country that was a military dictatorship for decades until General Franco finally fell off his fascist perch in 1975.

I am not sure you have quite got the hang of this democracy lark, Pedro.

We had a vote. It was quite a big vote. And unlike some other EU nations, the bolshy Brits will never accept being told to vote again until we bring back the result that Brussels wants. It’s called democracy.

And when it comes to democracy, Pedro, the lovely country of Spain is still wearing its L-plates.

Prince is rebel in waiting

THERE were only a handful of men at the GQ Men of the Year Awards who were not wearing black tie and tuxedo.  One of them was the Prince of Wales.

Charles cheerfully mocked his choice of a blue Savile Row suit but it felt like the mistake was deliberate. Like Johnny Marr and John Legend, it felt like Charles knew very well what the dress code was – and then chose to ignore it. Our future king is an instinctive rebel, even when he is wearing a double-breasted bespoke suit.

Yes, Charles has lived a life of unimaginable privilege. But he has fought for what he believes in, even when the cause was deeply unfashionable – against religious intolerance, against the plastic that pollutes our planet, against brutal architecture.

Charles has spent a lifetime waiting for the throne. At 70, it is not impossible that his mother will outlive him and that he will never sit on that throne. But he has used his long wait to make a real difference to the lives of others.

As Charles turns 70, the nation should celebrate this man who has grown old waiting for his job to start.


Stan saw marvels in everyday

SO farewell, Stan Lee, who has died at the age of 95.

Unlike his great rivals over at DC Comics – home of Superman and Batman – there was something gloriously human about Stan Lee’s heroes at Marvel. Lee’s superheroes did not come from another planet, like Superman did.

With the groundbreaking Spider-Man, aka the nerdish Peter Parker, Stan Lee proved that superheroes could be shy, awkward teenage dirtbags with all the usual problems of adolescence.

Stan Lee showed the world that even superheroes can have bad skin.


IF you missed Peter Jackson’s film They Shall Not Grow Old, broadcast on BBC2 on Remembrance Sunday, then I urge you to seek it out on BBC iPlayer.

I have never seen anything more moving in my life.

It is like having an army of ghosts look you in the eye – and smile. The men who fought in World War One have never seemed more real, and the unspeakable waste of that conflict has never seemed so obscene – 700,000 British lives, 50,000 of them gone without a trace.

And it is their brave, smiling faces that break your heart.

Idris has hair

THIS £850 doll of Idris Elba is a wonderful likeness.  Sadly, it is a wonderful likeness of the late Errol Brown of Hot Chocolate. I think you’ll find that Idris has hair.

She's an inspiration

MYLEENE Klass was understandably furious when her image was used – without her being asked – to promote a cosmetic surgery firm.  Bloody cheek!

“I got where I am with hard work, hustle and a whole reel of gaffer tape!” posted Myleene, keeping her sense of humour even as her image was being pilfered to promote breast enlargement and liposuction. No knives, no silicone, no extra pressure on women full stop. We are lovely as we are.”

The cosmetic surgery firm’s excuse was that Myleene is an “inspiration”. But Myleene has never been anywhere near a cosmetic surgeon’s knife.

She is living proof that we should all make the most of what we have – because what we have is often beautiful and always preferable to the plastic beauty peddled by cosmetic surgeons.

And that should be a genuine inspiration to us all.

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