‘Idiotic’ driver tried to set off with tiny ‘porthole’ as windscreen misted over

A bonkers motorist who set off driving with an almost completely misted-up windscreen has been hit with a £100 fine.

The driver had only wiped off a tiny 'porthole' to see through before hitting the road.

Police Scotland pulled over the car in Bonhill, West Dunbartonshire, and shared a picture of the motorist's misty mad plan on their Facebook page.

He was also given three points on his licence.

The Facebook post read: "When it's cold, wet and often icy, it's important to take extra time to make sure your vehicle is safe for the journey ahead.

"Argyll and West Dunbartonshire Police Division Road Policing Officers stopped this vehicle in Bonhill as the schools were coming out.

"The driver had not sufficiently demisted their windows placing children and other road-users at risk."

Outraged social media users hit out at the driver, branding him "idiotic."

One wrote: 'Would love to hear the driver argue their case suggesting that wee peephole was sufficient."

Another said: "That's just sheer stupidity!"

Highway Code rule 229 states all car windows and mirrors need clearing and demisted thoroughly before drivers set off.

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According to the rules, it is illegal to pay for food at a drive-through using your phone as the Road Vehicle Regulations Act bans the use of phones while in charge of a vehicle.

You can also be fined for playing music too loud, letting your dog poke its head out of the car window, and driving too slowly without a legitimate reason.

If there is snow on the car which could fall off and affect other road users, this must also be cleared.

Experts say quick fixes in icy weather, such as pouring hot water from a kettle onto windscreens, could lead them to crack.

They also advise against motorists starting their cars and leaving them empty to defrost because, if the vehicle is stolen, insurance companies are unlikely to payout.

However, it is easier to fall foul of driving laws than you might think.

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