In viral photo, teens stop for national anthem on their way to a football game

A photo of four Michigan boys stopping for the National Anthem has gone viral.

The boys were running late for a Friday night football game when the National Anthem came on. They stopped, took off their hats, and placed their hands over their hearts, according to Mike Ullery Jr., who snapped the moment and posted it on Facebook.

“I felt the need to take a picture. These days you don’t get many moments where you feel pride, and teens get a bad rep,” Ullery told ABC News.

Ullery identitifed the boys pictured as Dakota Lehner, Mikiah Lehner, Taylor Cox, and Collin Hitchingham.

“That is just the way we were raised,” Dakota Lehner expressed to ABC. “I would like to thank all of the veterans and everyone who is fighting and has served to protect our country.”

“Those boys and Bullock Creek set the bar high!” Ullery said. “I’m just proud I got to see respect for our nation from those young men!”

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