Indonesia earthquake: Massive 7.4 quake strikes as urgent tsunami warning issued

Indonesia has been hit by a huge 7.4 magnitude earthquake hitting the Molucca Sea. The powerful quake has also triggered a tsunami alert in the region. Indonesia’s seismological agency issued the tsunami warning for nearby coastlines.

The earthquake hit the region at 12.17am (4.17pm BST) and was measured at 62km deep.

It struck 134 kilometres northwest of the Malaku islands in Indonesia, hitting the Molucca Sea.

The earthquake hit 145km from Bitung City, which has an estimated population of around 190,000.

Also near the vicinity of the earthquake is Manado, 175km from the epicentre, which has a population of over 400,000.

While, 140km east of the epicentre of the earthquake, is Ternate, which has a population of over 200,000.

Just 20 minutes later a powerful aftershock registering 4.8 on the Richter scale struck.

One resident 136km from the epicentre of the earthquake, in Aertembaga, said they felt the impacts of the quake.

They wrote: “It was quite hard. I was trying to open my door, and I couldn’t even insert my key to open my door.”

Another resident in Lihunu, 140km from the epicentre of the earthquake, described the quake as “rather strong shaking and rattling”.

Another witness from Sario, around 175km from the epicentre of the earthquake said they felt it hit.

One witness, around 180km from the epicentre from the earthquake, said the windows “started to shake” as well as the furniture.

They wrote: “It was a strong shaking that I could hear before I felt it.

“I thought the wind was picking up out side. Then the windows started to shake and the furniture.

“It was unmistakable and we jumped out of bed to get the kids and run out when it started to clam down but even then it rolled for a minute or two before it stopped.”

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