Inside Bangkok’s violent secret slums hidden away from tourists where tattooed locals live in drug ravaged hell – The Sun

A BRIT photographer has uncovered Bangkok's seedy underbelly – where tattooed locals live in drug-ravaged slums.

Sam Gregg set out to find the real people of Bangkok's notorious Klong Toey slum before it gets razed by the government.

His gritty pictures show kids playing in filth and heavily tattooed ex-cons smoking under neon lights.

The pictures – shot largely in 2015 – also show sex workers posing in red-light districts and creepy abandoned buildings.

The Neon Dreams series focuses on how people from the poorer northeast of Thailand come to Bangkok allured by the bright neon lights of the city.

It was done to capture what will be lost when the area is gentrified in 2022.

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