Inside Iran coronavirus morgue corridor lined with ‘bodies of disease victims’

This leaked footage appears to show an Iranian morgue corridor reportedly lined with the bodies of coronavirus victims.

The footage, said to be filmed in Qom, the epicentre of Iran's outbreak, shows medics in hazmat suits.

Alongside them, a number of what appears to be dead bodies, are laid out on trolleys.

According to Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad, the person filming the scene was arrested as officials try "to cover up the true number of deaths".

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The clip is captioned with: "This is where they wash the dead in Behesht Massoumeh, Qom.

"I filmed this on Tuesday, March 3. They washed all the corpses in the morning, but the volume of work is enormous.

"It never finishes".

The camera also pans over a number of what appears to be black body bags with victims inside.

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The captions continue: "These are the bodies of all the people who died of coronavirus.

"They have to be washed."

"Sometimes they have to keep the bodies here for 5-6 days."

Iran's death toll from coronavirus is higher than any other country with confirmed cases – except China, where the outbreak began.

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It has prompted authorities to cancel some prayers in Tehran – while some worshippers have been filmed continuing their religious dedications – even licking holy shrines.

Each day in Iran, trucks filled with disinfectants spray down streets, shrines, public parks, trash bins, public toilets and markets in Qom, Tehran and other areas that have had cases of infection.

People living in such areas have said the smell of disinfectants has become a "nightmare".

Retired teacher Ziba Rezaie, 62, from Qom, said: "The city smells like a cemetery, a morgue."

Last week, Iran's vice-president was been diagnosed with coronavirus.

Deputy health minister Iraj Harirchi was also confirmed as having the disease after he appeared ill on stage during a press conference about the virus.

He was seen continually wiping perspiration from his forehead before being diagnosed just hours later.

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