Inside Queen’s secret tunnel out of Windsor Castle that’s hidden under carpet

The Queen has a secret escape tunnel hidden under a trap door beneath a carpet inside Windsor Castle, a BBC documentary revealed.

The royal residence at Windsor, which serves as Her Majesty's working palace and a private home, is filled with history and secrets since it was built back in the 11th century.

In the past, it has also been a fortress filled with hidden passages where soldiers were able to regroup or assemble their attacks.

In 2011 documentary The Queen's Palaces, presenter Fiona Bruce revealed one of the secret routes that leads to a street outside Windsor Castle.

She says you can still find evidence of the castle’s "war-like origins" if "you know where to look".

Fiona walks into a small room and explains: "This is an office just tucked away in a corner of Windsor Castle. But look under here.

"As if by magic, just lift these and the medieval castle emerges."

She opens the hatch to reveal a stone-paved staircase leading all the way to the underground.

"If you’re a soldier in Windsor Castle under siege you need a way to get out," she adds.

"And this is the secret passage. This is exactly what it looked like in the 1200s."

As the camera zooms out to show the width of the cobblestone stairway, the host says: "It is wide enough to accommodate a whole army of men.

"You can just imagine them rushing down the stairs, and it leads out onto the street.

"This is the clever bit – they’d then be able to sneak up on the enemy and attack them from behind."

The Queen arrived back in Windsor last week while Prince Philip remains in Norfolk.

The Court Circular – the daily list of royal engagements – cited Windsor Castle as the current residence of the royal court in last Wednesday's publication.

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