Inside scorpion-infested Belize jail holding Jasmine Hartin where inmates are beaten and fed fly-ridden pig heads

INMATES are beaten and fed fly-ridden pig heads at the notorious scorpion-infested Belize jail where socialite Jasmine Hartin is being held after allegedly shooting a police chief.

Previously unseen footage exclusively obtained by The Sun shows the nightmare conditions Lord Ashcroft’s 38-year-old daughter-in-law is facing inside the Belize Central Prison in Hattieville.

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The Canadian socialite has been charged with manslaughter by negligence over the fatal shooting of 42-year-old police superintendent Henry Jemmott in Belize.

The mum-of-two is being held at Belize Central Prison while she waits for a judge to decide whether she will be released on bail on Wednesday.

Standing in sharp contrast to the luxury lifestyle Hartin is used to, the prison is referred to by locals as the "Hattieville Ramada" and has been described as "scorpion-infested".

The jail once featured on TV show World’s Toughest Prisons and holds more than 1,000 inmates, including men, women and youth offenders.

It is also said to house members of rival criminal factions, including chapters of the infamous Los Angeles gangs, the Bloods and the Crips, and it has previously been home to prisoners on death row.

In our exclusive peek into the brutal conditions, an inmate dressed in an orange prison jumpsuit can be seen cutting grass with a huge machete in front of rows of birds perched on the prison’s metal fences.

And pictures from the kitchen show a butchered pig’s severed head covered in flies.

Recovering addicts can also be seen singing the Belize national anthem in front of a podium marked ARC for the Ashcroft Rehabilitation Centre.

The ARC is said to be the only drug and alcohol rehab centre in Belize, built following a donation by Hartin's billionaire father-in-law Lord Ashcroft.

The footage was filmed two months ago by local journalist Alexis Milan during a tour of the jail, which has been run by non-profit organisation the Kolbe Foundation since 2002.

Alexis said he was told by one inmate that they did not have access to a working toilet and used a bucket instead.

He told The Sun: "We were granted a day tour by the CEO of the Kolbe Foundation, Virgilio Murillo.

"He wanted to highlight the improved conditions of the prison compared to how they found it when they took over 20 years ago.

"Back then the stay at Hattieville was described as 'hard bread, hard bed and hard labour'.

"Since then they have made significant improvements but it’s still not a place anyone would want to spend an extended period of time in.

"I think in comparison to prisons in other parts of the world it is lagging behind in certain standards.

"When we visited inmates would call us to the side and they all have a story to tell.

"Many of them would tell you that things go on in the prison that the authorities there would not like you to know about or discuss with the media."

Alexis added: "We were not granted access to the areas where they hold the inmates or to speak directly with any of them apart from the few that we encountered during the tour.

"Conditions were basic or the bare minimum and there was one inmate that complained to us that he did not have access to a working toilet.

"He said they were forced to use a bucket instead, so conditions are not optimal for anyone but even worse for a woman like Jasmine Hartin.

"I know that there are prisoners who have mental illnesses there but because of lack of resources those patients who should otherwise be in a mental health facility they are sent to prison instead."

Hartin – who is married to Lord Ashcroft’s youngest son Andrew – reportedly shot Jemmott in the head with his own gun when it accidentally went off while they were drinking.

She was arrested after she was found "hysterical" at the Mata Rocks Hotel pier close last Friday.

The dad-of-five was found floating in water off the small island of Ambergris Caye after he was shot behind the ear with his own Glock pistol.

Hartin told cops the loaded gun had fired accidentally as she handed it back to him after giving him a shoulder massage, according to local reports.

She reportedly faces a maximum of five years in prison if convicted but could escape with a fine of just $10,000.

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