Inside the sleazy Thai ‘sex holiday’ firms targeting randy middle aged Brits with ‘fresh out of school virgins and ladyboys’

This comes as Thai police raided an illegal hotel orgy last week – catching dozens of middle-aged men with young women.

Officials were tipped off about the swingers parties in Pattaya where guests would pay 1,500 baht (£35) to attend.

Cops and army officers stormed in last night  at 11.30pm sparking chaotic scenes as naked girls scrambled to cover themselves with towels.

Video from a news reporter embedded with the police captured the moment 18 men – many sweating heavily – were rounded up with their female ‘partners’ clutching them to hide their faces.

The guests – including Brits, Americans, Germans, Canadians, Australians, Russians, Malaysians and Chinese – were questioned and released.

While the Chinese hotel owner – seen in an Abercrombie & Fitch top – was arrested for running a hotel illegally and hosting sex parties.


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