Inside the Fatal Friendship of Arkansas State Senator and Aide Who Murdered Her

O’Donnell even was a witness in Collins’ contentious divorce proceedings, testifying about Collins' separation from her ex-husband. Later, O'Donnell's fiancé Tim Loggains had financial power of attorney for Collins.

“They had each others’ backs,” said another friend. “That’s what makes this so confusing. Never in a million years would I think things would end this way. It’s incomprehensible.”

“The family was shocked and saddened that someone who was supposed to be so close to Linda would possibly be involved in something this egregious, horrible and awful,” her former communications director Ken Yang told PEOPLE last year. “This has been very hard for the family.”

"I was the one that found my mother's body on June 4th 2019 at her home," Butch Smith said in a statement Thursday. "She was lying face down wrapped in one of my old comforters and shoved under a tarp in her driveway. I will never not be able to see that picture burned into my brain."

Tim Loggains previously defended O'Donnell, saying that she and Collins were like sisters. On Thursday, he said he was wrong.

"Initially, for various reasons, I believed with all my heart that Becky was innocent," Loggains said, per ABC News. "No one wants to believe anyone close to them is capable of doing something so heinous."

"My heart at that time would not let me believe what I later learned to be true – that Becky murdered Linda," he continued. "That realization was one of the most difficult of my life."

O'Donnell will be sentenced later this year.

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