Investment, innovation key to future of Nova Scotia’s forestry sector: mill exec

An executive with Nova Scotia’s only surviving paper mill says the province’s forest industry must look to investment and innovation in order to stabilize the sector.

Allan Eddy, manager of business development at Port Hawkesbury Paper LP, says the closure of the Northern Pulp mill was like a large wave hitting the sector.

Speaking to the industry’s annual general meeting today, Eddy likened the industry to a ship that’s been struck down but has the ability to right itself.

He says Port Hawkesbury Paper is being driven by the low-carbon economy and constantly looking for ways to be more energy-efficient while developing new product lines in order to be competitive.

Eddy says if companies aren’t constantly looking at how to upgrade their products they will eventually “come to grief.”

The Port Hawkesbury mill is taking in more wood chips from the province’s sawmills since Northern Pulp’s closure, but Eddy told reporters the company sees that as a short-term measure.

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