ION trains delayed, will start running in Spring 2019 at earliest

It appears as though residents of Waterloo region will have to wait a little longer for the long-awaited ION LRV trains to start running.

Waterloo Regional Council received an update on Tuesday prepared by Thomas Schmidt, commissioner of transportation and environmental services, which revealed the project will be delayed until Spring 2019.

Staff recently began to provide monthly updates, with the last update in September stating that the LRVs were still on track to start running in December.

The report, which was to be presented on Tuesday, provided an update on the ION vehicles.

It says that only 11 of the 14 LRVs are currently in Waterloo Region, with the other three still being prepared by Bombardier in Kingston.

The report states: “Significantly, no vehicles are yet fully ready for service, in that they have not yet achieved Preliminary Acceptance Certificate (PAC).”

It goes on to note that Bombardier now says the vehicles will not be ready until early February.

“Assuming that the vehicles are ready in early February and that GrandLinq has completed all of the necessary system testing, training and safety certification on schedule, start of service would be in the spring of 2019,” it states.

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