Iran warns US of reaction if Washington violates its borders

Relations in the Middle East have been further strained after Tehran shot down a US drone. Last week Iran said the unmanned US aircraft was in its air space, something Washington has denied. Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani issued a tough message to the West and stated the incident was a “good experience” for the US and acted as a deterrent for any future conflict. Mr Larijani told the Iranian Tasnim news agency: “The downing of their drone was a good experience for them to avoid any aggression against our borders.

“Iran’s reaction will be stronger if they repeat their mistake of violating our borders.”

US President Donald Trump declared he was minutes away from ordering airstrikes on the region, but said it would have caused the death of 150 people.

Mr Trump has so far been reluctant to take military action against Iran but said the US is in a “very strong position” and any potential confrontation would not last long.

The US President said: “I hope we don’t but we’re in a very strong position if something should happen.

“I’m not talking boots on the ground.

“I’m just saying if something would happen, it wouldn’t last very long.”

The downing of a drone follows on from the attack on two oil tankers earlier this month – which the UK has said was almost certainly the work of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards.

Tensions between Tehran and Washington surfaced after the US pulled out of the landmark 2015 Iran nuclear deal last year.

The treaty aimed to curb Tehran’s nuclear ambitions in return for relief from sanctions.

The US imposed new sanctions on Iran at the start of May, ordering all countries and companies to halt all imports of Iranian oil or be banished from the global financial system.

The dispute in the Middle East is set to dominate discussion ahead of the G20 summit which commences in Japan on Friday.

Ahead of the meeting of world leaders in Osaka, Theresa May has issued a plea for a resolution to the diplomatic stand-off.

The Prime Minister called for the international community to “stand together against Iran’s deeply destabilising activity” and said the priority must be “the urgent de-escalation of tensions”

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