Is it a lizard? Bizarre animal corpse washes up on Scottish beach

Is it a lizard? Is it a cat? Bizarre animal corpse washes up on Scottish beach and leaves locals scratching their heads

  • An animal skeleton washed up on Aberdeen Beach in Scotland, last week
  • A picture of the stumpy carcass was posted online and has left people puzzled
  • Some suggest it is a Veiled Chameleon while others say it is a cat or turtle 

An animal skeleton has washed up on a beach in Scotland and left people scratching their brow as to what it could be.

The mysterious creature was stumbled upon at Aberdeen Beach, Scotland, and shared to Furbar News, last week. 

The photo shows a curled carcass with a reptile face, exposed rib cage and stumpy legs and tail.

A mysterious animal skeleton washed up on Scottish beach last week and has sent the internet into meltdown. Some people suggest it is a cat or Bearded Dragon while others say it is a tortoise

And the picture, which has received 324 likes, has sent the internet into meltdown. 

Furbar News captioned the picture: ‘Very strange, can anyone shed some light on what we saw?’ 

Anna-Marie Elliott wrote on the post: ‘That’s a chameleon, curled tail, mitten feet….. poor wee soul.’

The animal, which is thought to be a tortoise skeleton by some, was washed up on Aberdeen Beach (pictured) in Scotland

Brian Kennedy said: ‘Pretty sure it’s a turtle judging by size of eye socket and beak.’

Jenny Strachan wrote: ‘I thought going by the feet it was a cat.’ 

While another posted: ‘That’s a bearded dragon I’m afraid! It’s not the first to wash up on the beach & I very much doubt it’ll be the last!’

Caitlin Anderson offered the suggestion of a Veiled Chameleon while a few said it was a tortoise without a shell, Yemen Chameleon or Bearded Dragon. 

Some even went so far as to suggest the animal was a cat. 

Nathanael Litlekalsoy shared his expertise: ‘I study zoology at the University of Aberdeen and based on the skull I’d say it’s a dead panther chameleon, a popular pet lizard – large eye sockets and definitive head crest gives it away.’

Some people suggested the animal remains were of a Veiled Chameleon (pictured, file image)

Meanwhile others appeared more concerned about how the animal got there.

Grant Penny said: ‘Instead of taking a photo should be doing CPR. Could of saved a life.’  

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland has been approached for comment 

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