ISIS fighters and jihadi brides clutching designer knockoff bags line up to surrender after fleeing terror death cult's final battle

THIS is the moment a battalion of defeated ISIS fighters and their jihadi brides were frogmarched out of their final stronghold along with some civilians after the death cult's 'caliphate' was stamped out once and for all.

A convoy of 36 refugee trucks snaked out of Baghouz, Syria, as US-led airstrikes obliterated the remaining fighters in the distance.

Machine gun fire could be heard in the distance as coalition aircraft flew over the group – some of whom were clutching knock-off designer bags.

An estimated 300 ISIS fighters have spent the last week under siege in Baghouz.

They were surrounded by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces, who were unable to carry out their final assault due to the presence of civilians.

SDF spokesman Mustafa Bali said the airstrikes were meant to pressure the remaining terrorists into letting the last civilians out.

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