‘It’s kind of worrying’: Kirkland ‘Grinch’ clips Christmas lights on local street

Michael Regina remembered getting a call from his wife that his home’s Christmas lights had been vandalized.

In disbelief, he analyzed the doorbell camera he installed in the summer to find she was right.

“It’s maybe somebody who doesn’t like Christmas, maybe somebody who doesn’t like us. I’m not exactly sure,” he said. “My wife and I were definitely surprised and a little bit shocked, too.”

He isn’t alone. Other residents on Marcel-Meloche Street, where he lives, reported the same thing had happened to them.

“It’s kind of worrying,” said Simon Romero, who lives on the street. “We don’t know when [the person] came [or] why he is doing this. What does he want?”

Police wouldn’t comment on the situation and Kirkland mayor Michel Gibson was unavailable for comment.

Meanwhile, Regina said he either will try to repair the lights or buy and install new ones before Christmas.


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